President – Joseph Licciardello: Joseph Licciardello has been a member of RadioSNHU ever since his Freshman year. He became an executive board member in his second semester of Freshman year and took on the position of promotions director, where he made posters for the club. In his second semester of Junior year, he moved up to Presidency, where he is today. As President, he manages the clubs’ general members, executive board members, and oversees shows and podcasts, along with other various duties. His favorite band is GHOST and will often appear on various other shows when asked to be a guest speaker.

DJ Maxim
Vice President

Vice- President – DJ Maxim: DJ Maxim has been a member of RadioSNHU since September of 2017. Maxim became part of the RadioSNHU Executive Board in his second semester, taking the position of Music Director. By his sophomore year, he was promoted to Vice President when the positions of Vice President and Music Director were merged. As the Vice President, Maxim is responsible for scheduling shows, coordinating DJ events, communicating with show hosts, and developing the program’s campus image on air. Maxim is also the host of DEEJAGON INFINITY, a Pop-Culture show that covers music, TV, movies, and news with some laughs and good times mixed in.

Sales Director and Podcast Manager – Sean Woodman: A Culinary Arts Management major graduating in May. Major foodie with a soft spot for BBQ. Feel free to reach out to him any way you see fit and he will help as much as he cans. Rock on everyone!

Secretary / Social Media Manager – Samantha Aguilar Hernandez: Samantha has been a member of RadioSNHU since September 2017. She integrated the Executive Board a year later as the Secretary for the club. She, later on, she took the role of Social Media Manager to help promote the image of the club around the SNHU community. As the Secretary and Social Media Manager of the RadioSNHU, Samantha is responsible for promotion within social media and keeping track of everything that is said during General Meetings and Executive Board Meetings.

IT Director – Zach Davison: As IT director, Zach is in charge of managing the computer systems for RadioSNHU. This involves making sure the stream is always running, keeping our computers operating smoothly, and solving issues when they arise. In his free time, he likes to watch movies or play Guitar Hero.