General Manger / President – Christopher Kelly: Christopher Kelly has been a member of RadioSNHU ever since his Freshman year. He became an executive board member in his Sophomore year and took on the position of Music Director, where he managed DJ events for the club. In his Senior year, he moved up to Presidency, where he is today. As President, he manages the clubs’ general members, executive board members, and oversees shows and podcasts, along with other various duties. His favorite bands are Bon Jovi and the Dropkick Murphy’s.

Music Director / Vice President –

Treasurer / Sales Director and Podcast Manager – Emily Blais joined RadioSNHU during her sophomore year and became part of the executive board member her junior year, where she is currently holding the position of treasurer and podcast manager. As the treasurer, she’ll keep track of the sales and take charge of the podcasts. Her favorite band is Mother Mother and her favorite artists are Harry Styles and Mitski.

Secretary / Social Media and Events Manager – Julia Almonte has been a member of RadioSNHU since her sophomore year. This year, she moved up from being a general member of the club to Secretary/Social Media and Events Manager. As Secretary/Social Media and Events Manager, she takes notes during general and E-Board meetings, manages the Instagram account, and creates and runs the events. Her favorite artists are Taylor Swift and The Wombats.

Web and IT Director –